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We have over 100 telecom carriers that we provision services from in order to find the right solution for you. Our service and ability is the best in the business. It doesn’t matter if your a company of 1 employee or a multinational corporation, we have the services to cover all of your needs.

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Nichols Consulting understands that every business is unique and requires an equally unique set of technology solutions.

We stay up-to-date on the latest technology advances in order to keep your business ahead of the game. No more waiting around for assistance of resolution.  We offer you the same dedicated account manager for life.



Looking for assistance with securing voice and data services?  Look no further.  We put in the extra time  at no additional cost to you to do the research in finding the best solution for you.

We are experts in call center, SIP, unified communications, VoIP, analog lines, PRI, and much more. Email Us today to setup a free business consultation.



With Intelisys Cloud Certification under our belts, we are ready to assist you with all of your cloud computing solutions.

We understand that with the right solution comes a whole host of benefits, including the alleviation of  burdensome tasks such as maintenance, upgrades, and continued investments. Call 720-271-0272 today to setup a free consultation.


We Are Dedicated and Professional

We make clients for life, with our tailored, professional data and telecom consulting.We are experts at finding your business the best solutions and we know the technologies. Our service and ability is the best in the business.

Now more than ever, it is vital to have a technology consultant. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it is now impossible for anyone not specializing in the industry to even keep up with the current state of affairs. New services, new technologies, and new providers are emerging almost daily, and, if left to their own resources, most businesses will miss important opportunities to take advantage of those technologies.
We created Nichols Consulting, Inc. with a methodology of first working to understand our clients’ individual business goals and challenges; then, we produce a customized plan, often involving multiple solution providers, to efficiently meet those challenges. This methodology was designed specifically to not only save our clients as much time and money as possible, but also to give them the power to make informed decisions about their telecommunications needs. 
At Nichols Consulting, Inc., our mission is to provide the best solutions to our clients’ communications needs, leveraging the most up-to-date technology and providing world class customer service. As a result, our clients save valuable time and money through streamlined communications solutions meant to work FOR them.
After more than two decades of experience working for major telecommunication and technology companies, it became apparent to us that the greatest hurdles many businesses face are a lack of awareness about what telecommunication solutions providers offer and a lack of knowledge about which solutions would best suit their needs. 
We believe that every business is unique and deserves to have a trusted consultant who understands that uniqueness and who is able to identify ways in which technology can help them become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.  

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  • Lower Capital Investment and Expenses – Because the provider is responsible for operation and maintenance of the hardware, you don’t need to invest money in equipment purchase, maintenance, and upgrades. In turn, your in-house IT requirements are simplified.
  • Data Sharing – One of the biggest advantages the cloud provides for many businesses is the ability to share data easily between multiple departments or multiple locations. 
  • Business Continuity – Whether due to a natural disaster or just the relocation of an office, the disruption of a company’s telecommunications capabilities can be crippling to the bottom line. 
  • Flexibility – The crowning achievement of cloud services for most organizations is what the cloud can do for your flexibility. The cloud enables undreamed-of levels of scalability in both directions

Our Top Priority is our Customers

We put in extra work to guarantee that you will love the solutions we decide on.We are experts at finding your business the best solutions and we know the technologies. Our service and ability is the best in the business.

Nichols Consulting Inc. has been a key partner in securing and maintaining our company’s communications.  From analyzing our needs, and obtaining the most competitive bid, to securing vendor services and maintaining quality performance they have exceeded our expectations.  They have worked with our Firm for many years, and based on our experiences we highly recommend them.
Sean McCurdy, McCurdy & Eichstadt, P.C.
James comes highly recommended.  For several years, he has worked with The Chotin Group to find solutions for our Voice, Data, and Infrastructure services.  Additionally, he established the connection, negotiated terms, and assisted in project managing to bring fiber into our building at no additional cost to us.  I will gladly provide a reference for him as a recommended telecom solutions provider.
Brian Richter, The Chotin Group
I wanted to take this opportunity to say that James Nichols of Nichols Consulting was of inestimable help when procuring new high speed internet for our office. Nichols Consulting proposed several solutions through several carriers and followed through with prompt and timely service when our firm had reached a decision. It was wonderfully instructive and helpful experience.
Jason Sage, Caplan and Earnest LLC

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We offer the most professional telecom consulting services

Our mission is to provide the best solutions to our clients' communications needs, leveraging the most up-to-date technology and providing world class customer service.
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