Tailored Cloud Solutions for your Business Needs

What are Cloud Computing Solutions?

  • Software as a service – SaaS – Google Apps, Office365, Skype, salesforce.com
  • Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS – Outsourcing the equipment costs to the cloud. This includes servers, storage, networking components.
  • Platform as a Service – PaaS – These services allow the business to business end user to create software using full cloud based solutions. These services generally require a monthly subscription.
  • Virtualization – These solutions can act as multiple operating systems and servers on a single phyical machine. This can enable to use a larger percentage of your physical server resources than before.
  • Video Conferencing – These services can help your business network between two physical locations via two way audio and video, enabling better efficiency and greater productivity.
  • Web Conferencing –  Your business can show product demonstrations or other business features using the web and audio to capture client interest and make sales.




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