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With technology expanding at an ever increasing rate it is important to keep your business telecomunication systems up to date. With our experience in the industry we can tailor a perfect business telecom solution for you. We cover everything from POTS (plain old telephone service) all the way up to unified communications that enable seamless transition from email to voicemail to text.

We can setup your company with a VOIP (voice over ip) that will save your company both on cost and complexity. We have experience with many voice conferencing products and would love to meet and discuss your business needs.



Gartner predicts that the worldwide market for cloud computing will grow 18.5 percent this year to 131 billion.

Although it doesn’t make business sense for every company to move every possible service to a cloud model, most businesses can capitalize on some form of cloud services in order to take advantage of the benefits inherent in hosted or cloud services. There are huge potential cost saving benefits for your company.

Because the provider is responsible for operation and maintenance of the hardware, you don’t need to invest money in equipment purchase, maintenance, and upgrades. In turn, your in-house IT requirements are simplified. Email Us and see how cloud services can benefit your business today and into the future.



We are convientley located in the Denver Metro area and would love to meet to discuss telecom solutions that fit your business. We have the capability and experience to get your small business or large corporation a perfect cost effective telecom and data strategy. Our attention to detail is what sets Nichols Consulting Inc. apart from the rest.

Please call 720-271-0272 to setup a free design consultation at your office. We have hundreds of providers and solutions that we tailor to fit the needs of your business.

Telecom and Data Solutions for your Business


Backbone Provisioning

This includes general hardware and equipment provisioning as well as SIP trunking, broadband, and cable services. These are the services that make everything else possible. We can help you decide what foundational technologies make the most sense for both your current and future needs.

We will be your trusted adviser through all stages on equipment setup, from purchasing to installation. Nichols Consulting Inc. has the experience and knowledge to get the right hardware and equipment installed at great rates with professional results.


The Best Coverage

When it comes to high-speed bandwidth, there is no room for compromise.  You need the best internet connectivity for your business and we will help you find the right solution for your needs, whether it be T1, fiber, or cable.

We are a vendor preferred provider with many of the carriers and can make sure that your business gets the right solution at the right price. Email Us today to setup a free consultation where we can get your company the fastest internet services at the lowest prices in the industry. We strive to provide the most professional services and our customer’s vouch for our solutions.


Telecom Financial Consulting

We offer a variety of Telecom Service Audit and Telecom Expense Management services to help you make the most of what you already have, identify wasted resources and wasted opportunities, save money (in general, up to 40% savings) and generally run a tighter, more efficient operation.

Let Nichols Consulting Inc. perform a company audit to figure out the best ways to increase savings and decrease inefficiencies. Call us today at 720-271-0272 for a free business consultation. Let us help your company save money and grow at the same time.


Customer Facing Services

From basic toll-free service to full call-center functionality, we can help you set up and manage the telecommunications for the public face of your company.

We can get your small business the look of a large organization with the right solutions. Large organizations can benefit from streamlining call-center functionality and performing customer service audits to fix any issues that may arise.


Cloud Services

One of the biggest advantages the cloud provides for many businesses is the ability to share data easily between multiple departments or multiple locations.

Enterprise-wide access to accurate, up-to-date interdepartmental information can have a profound effect on any company’s response times. The right solutions will allow your business to grow and expand. With the cost of cloud services decreasing, now is the time to let us evaluate and implement a perfect solution for your business.


Collaboration & Conferencing

Collaboration and Conferencing is how your business achieves it’s stated goals, make sure you have a great system in place to make the sale. We offer solutions that range from simple voice conferencing all the way to hosted video web conferences.

If you need to setup a computer meeting to discuss a particular proposal or find a better way to collaborate as a team, we have the knowledge to setup your company with the right solution so you don’t miss a sale or a deadline.


VOIP Solutions

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows voice calls to travel over the internet in a data packet. This technology has the ability to have crystal clear connections and save your business money.

There are two main solutions for VOIP, hosted and premise based. With hosted services, a provider takes care of all the equipment and maintenance and you pay a monthly fee. On premise solutions have a higher upfront cost but generally are more robust and scalable.


Unified Communications

Companies that have implemented unified communications have seen direct and tangible savings of up to 75% in their phone and equipment costs, but the longer-term and greater impact is increased productivity.


Increase Business Productivity

We the right solutions in place you will see your business productivity increase tremendously. We have the experience to get your company the right data solution coupled with a great telecom plan to make your business succeed. In most instances we end up saving businesses 10% – 50% of their current costs, all while increasing technology solutions and speed.

Please get in touch with us today to schedule a free business data and telecom solution.