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Nichols Consulting, Inc. was founded in April of 2008 by current President James Nichols. From the very beginning, our vision was to serve as a trusted consultant to our business clients. After more than two decades of experience working for major telecommunication and technology companies, it became apparent to us that the greatest hurdles many businesses face are a lack of awareness about what telecommunication solutions providers offer and a lack of knowledge about which solutions would best suit their needs.

At that time, there were few consultants with a proven ability to understand their clients’ real business needs–and there were even fewer who understood how to provision cost-effective technologies and provide reliable customer service that would help their clients become more profitable in a competitive landscape. This ignited a driving passion within our company to become that trusted advisor to the business community and to fulfill those unmet needs.

Nichols Consulting, Inc. is in a position to service our clients’ current needs with our expertise in a variety of technologies, including Cloud Computing, Unified Communications, Hosted PBX, and Contact Center Applications. We are also well equipped to help our clients prepare for an uncertain future by offering disaster-recovery plans and by anticipating their growing bandwidth requirements, the needs of their increasingly mobile workforce, and the development of new technologies that can add value to their business.

We believe that every business is unique and deserves to have a trusted consultant who understands that uniqueness and who is able to identify ways in which technology can help them become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

James Nichols introduced himself to me many years ago. Since then we have met several times in order to assess our law firm’s specific phone and Internet needs. It has always been a pleasure working with James, and I have come to trust his judgment when making these decisions in a rapidly changing technical world.

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We offer the best telecom solutions for your business!

We have over 100 telecom carriers that we provision services from in order to find the right solution for you. Our service and ability is the best in the business. It doesn’t matter if your a company of 1 employee or a multinational corporation, we have the services to cover all of your needs.

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